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In a party or any celebration, light is one of the things that make the moment and setting more memorable, enjoying, and stunning as we can witness all the happenings around us. We look for a light that would make our environment alive and welcoming to guest.  A decorative and mind-blowing invention is what KooPower famous of delivering. KooPower Company aims to give you invention and products that will give you a better choice. One of their created products is a Wine LED Light that is perfect if you want to make your place more colorful, attractive, alive, and stunning. The LED Light has a high-quality preferable for decorations and lighting. This comes with different features that will surely give 2 days of continuous use that will give you a sparkling night because it has a lasting battery.

This is perfect for your room, restaurant, bar, beach, garden and any places where you want to give a head-turning design. This is very suitable for a celebration like a wedding, birthday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas and New Year holidays. Nowadays, celebrants want to have their party outdoor either in a field, beach or garden as it gives more space and natural setting. We know the fact that looking for electric source is a hassle. We almost came to the point of renting or buying extension wires to reach the corner where we want to put the lighting decorations. This LED light will give you a portable service where you can decorate it in any spot of your place.

You can do your decoration, shape or whatever you want to do with this LED Light. It has flexible wires that you’ll able to make all the style that you prefer. This product is one of the best because of its package that KooPower will give you what you deserve.

Top-Rated Points of KooPower’s Bottle Light

The KooPower wine bottle light last for almost 2 days because of its 6 pack free battery that has a high quality. The plastic housing that covers the battery was identified as FREE-BPA that makes it safe if you don’t notice you kids using or playing on it. The KooPower’s LED Bulb was manufactured with a brighter light and longer life that will serve you with satisfaction. To prevent from any rust, the KooPower provide you with a copper wire with an anti-oxidant silver that covers the outer surface because of this the service of the string lights are more longer than the normal one. This also comes with 6 artificial cork lights. This was inspired in a shaped of cork because it will be easy when putting it in a bottle. This has a multi-color light (red, pink, yellow, blue, and green) that will bring you to the fantasy experience.

Price Range

This KooPower LED light offers the newest price of £5.99 from £19.99.  In buying this you can save almost 60% discounts, this offer will give you a total discount that you’ll enjoy. This KooPower LED light will give you a high-quality product though it comes with a big discount. Surely, you’ll come back and purchase another one, or you’ll recommend it to your friends, relatives, and co-workers.

Who Would Buy This?

Are you fun of unique decorations? This is the best product for you! Most of the buyers are hotel and resort owner, restaurant and bar owner, party organizer, and millennial. Do you know why they prefer buying this KooPower’s LED bottle light? Well, see it by yourself and buy your own KooPower LED light. You can go to any KooPower shop or browse online to experience on your DIY decoration. I’ll assure you that you’ll never regret choosing this. As you can notice, most buyers have their own business, and this is because this will give them benefits like the customer will like and patronize them. This will give their business a more welcoming and comfortable atmosphere that the customer would appreciate.

Complete Set of Products

The KooPower offers complete packages that will surely give you one year service. The product includes 6 pack of KooPower Wine Bottle Lights, with 20 Led Lamp 12 Pre-installed plus 6 Replacement Batteries, one free Screwdriver, also comes with 6 Fairy Light Copper Wire.

Main Features and Specializations

KooPower LED Light offers you a product that includes many features:

  • 18 Pre- Installed Batteries with 6 free packs for replacement
  • 3x LR44 Lithium Cells
  • 48 house/3 batteries
  • 6 Fairy Light Copper wire
  • 2M/ 7ft.
  • Multi-color (Red, pink, yellow, blue, and green)
  • Waterproof effect (IO68- wires and leads)
  • Cork shape that suited to any kind of wine bottles
  • KooPower’s LED Bulb
  • Ba (Beam angle): 360 Degrees
  • Ra (Color Rendering Index): 80 to 90
  • IP( International Protection): IP68
  • Led Quantity per light (20 pieces)
  • KooPower’s Plastic Housing ( PBA FREE)
  • Screwdriver


This is very useful in events because it will give a live and joyful ambiance. This is usually used or decorated using an empty battle wine. The Multi-color effect of the LED Chips will give a Fairytale experience. This has a battery with a capacity that lasts in two days if used continuously. In the 21st century, the party was preferred to celebrate in the open area like garden, beach, pool, field or any outdoor place. What it makes hassle is that looking for a plug or an electric source is a struggle. This comes with a lot of items with a high-quality. It’s not like other products that come with a discount or with a low price that they are sacrificing the quality of the product.

The best points (18 Pre- Installed Batteries, Fairy Light Copper wire, LED Bul, KooPower’S Plastic Housing ( PBA FREE)) will surely give you the highest efficiency because this is one of the most innovative technologies that has been made. The attractive LED Lights is very low heat generating that will avoid you to any accidents. The wires are flexible in able for you to banned it and reshaped it without any hassle. Putting it in a liquor battle is one of the best ideas that you must try and see the difference between the usual light that we used.


The KooPower’s plastic cover is not waterproof, so there is a tendency that the batteries might be wet and might cause malfunction. There is a need for you to put a cover and remove it if you’re going to replace the batteries.

In this kind of decorations, you need to be more observant of what it would look like near or far the spot where you put the KooPower LED Light. But you don’t need to worry about it because you can have other suggestion for more choices.

Customer Review

I love these lights. They make the wine bottles look so pretty. Can’t wait to put the lights in different wine bottles. I better start buying more wine! Also, they come with well packaged. couldn’t ask for anything more!”- Flowerdat

These are fabulous. I used there in my Thanksgiving centerpiece and got tonnes of compliments. I would highly recommend these!”- Amelia

We love these! It is great. The lights are nice and bright and great quality. They came batteries in them.”- Jimmy Dickerson


We believe that the soul of parties is light, depending on how it was arranged and how it adds to make the place alive. KooPower’s LED light should be at the top of your choice and surely will give you a better experience. Every one of us patronizes and appreciates what that trend is and appealing to our eyes. If that is the case, well then, this is what you need.

In decorations, we always want a twist that will suit our preferences, in KooPower’s LED Light you have the chance to do your design according to what kind of look you want. You put in any corner or spots that you want to emphasize or form any shapes or letters. The famous us of this is putting it in an empty battle wine, with that you can create a new design that you can put in your place.

Are you planning to have a surprise celebration or proposal but you think that it will be so evident that you have so much decoration already in the place, this KooPower LED light is a portable decoration that you can put or decorate in just a minute. This KooPower LED Light will give your surprise with a bang!

The KooPower LED light has elegant and beautiful lights that will give you a perfect option to share it with others. All of us deserve to experience a memorable party or any celebrations. Let yourself experience the fun of KooPower LED light. This is also applicable if you’re looking for a gift on a birthday or wedding, they will surely appreciate it.

What are you waiting on? Grab the KooPower LED Light package. You can go directly to the store or browse online for more convenience. Don’t worry because you will not regret it!

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